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Power Of Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a gentle  but effective approach to healing that aims to balance the body, mind and spirit.

Our Certified Therapists use holistic techniques, such as Aura Cleansing and Recharging, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Therapy, etc. to release tension and promote deep relaxation.
Each session works cumulatively so as to bring absolute balance to the physical, mental and emotional body of the patient as it is "smart" and directed where there is a need!

Experience the transformative power of Energy Healing!


It is now known that the manifestation of any disease can be due to an emotional or spiritual or mental disturbance.

Pain is greatly increased when there is stress, distress, tension, confusion, and generally an imbalance in the flow of energy in the human physical body.

Energy healing comes in this case and by restoring the smooth flow of vital energy it brings about harmony, balance, mental peace and tranquility as a result of which every problem is restored to its origin!

Energy therapy can and does transform negative emotions into positive ones!

Fear, tension, worry, sadness, anxiety, and melancholy gradually diminish and give way to optimism, calmness, well-being, joy, and optimism, with the result that the patient once again finds the joy of life!

Where Energy Healing Helps

Energy Healing Helps on Multiple Levels


  • in pain relief!

  • in stress management!

  • in autoimmune diseases

  • in headache, migraine and vision problems!

  • in stomach disorders and colic!

  • in neck, back and waist problems!

  • in muscle pains and neuralgias!

  • in burns and inflammations!

  • in blood pressure regulation!

  • in the faster healing of wounds and injuries!

  • in the fastest recovery from surgeries!

  • to the total abolition of negative energy and its consequences!

  • in the absolute protection of the aura!

  • in psychosomatic problems!

  • to reduce the side effects of continuous drug treatment of serious diseases such as heart disease, multiple sclerosis, cancer!

The Benefits of Energy Healing

Energy therapy gives absolute balance to the physical, mental and emotional body of the patient as it is "smart" and directed where there is a need!

It does not stop, nor does it "hide" each symptom, but finds its cause and cures it!

Energy therapy brings beauty and renewal to the physical body of the patient as it calms and relaxes

Energy therapy gives harmony, peace, love, respect, understanding to every household as it heals relationships!

After a few sessions, the patient perceives his life more positively, welcomes love, abundance, success and happiness into his life!

Energy therapy "teaches" the patient how to take care of himself, to be able to realize his desires and to be led to well-being on all levels!

Energy therapy "shows" the treated person how to implement his ideas in the professional field and how to definitively renounce that which upsets him and creates low and negative vibrations for him because it increases his self-confidence and his inner strength!

Energy therapy is provided in individual sessions with exactly the same excellent results either in person or at a distance and in no way replaces classical medicine and pharmaceuticals with which it cooperates and combines perfectly!


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Ενεργειακός Καθαρισμός
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