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Reiki Treatment
Reiki Treatment
Reiki Treatment

Welcome to our Alternative Therapy Center, where we specialize in the Usui Reiki healing system.

Our experienced therapists can help you achieve a state of calm and rejuvenation through energy healing.

Experience the benefits of Reiki with us and begin your journey towards holistic well-being.

Reiki is the oldest and most well-known alternative Therapy .Reiki is a natural healing energy technique that supports the body's self-healing abilities by restoring the natural flow of energy and eliminating blockages.  Reiki works on all bodies of the patient and the practitioner.


Reiki provides deep calmness, a sense of fullness, and optimism.

By strengthening the body's natural defenses and promoting self-healing, Reiki can help eliminate disease and improve overall well-being.

Medicine acknowledges that the human body has the ability to self-healing supports and enhances this function of the body by restoring the natural flow of energy in the body


 Aura and Disease

Every disease is imprinted in the aura before manifesting, disturbances in the "universal or life energy" can lead to illness.

This concept ties the health of the aura to the physical well-being of an individual, emphasizing the importance of maintaining balance and harmony in the body to prevent disease.



Energy Healing therapies are an effective method of treatment, as they increase the available energy to be used for healing and facilitate the smooth flow of energy throughout the entire energy field.


Additionally, they change the quantity or quality of energy, rebuild the energy field, and create greater symmetry and balance in the energy field.










The Precepts of Reiki

The precepts of Reiki are part of the five major elements that define the system of Reiki.


These precepts are:

For Today Only:


Do not Anger

Do not worry

Be Humble

Be Honest in your Work

Be Compassionate to Yourself and Others


Do gasshô every Morning and Evening
Keep in your Mind and Recite

Usui Reiki Ryôhô Improve your Mind and Body
The Founder
Usui Mikao

Reiki Precepts Frans Stiene 6_edited.jpg

 Reiki ​Session

 A complete in person Reiki session is offered to a fully clothed recipient who is lying on a treatment table or sitting comfortably supported in a chair.


Reiki can be administered by anyone who has training, which could be a professional practitioner, a healthcare provider, a friend or family member, or even you yourself  if you have been trained in Reiki.

Moreover, there is no typical setting: a quiet place is preferable, but Reiki can be done anywhere, no matter what else is happening either around or directly to the recipient. Moments of touch from a Reiki-trained practitioner can bring comfort in an acute or emergency situation, such as the onset of the flu, or after an injury or surgery.


During the treatment, the therapist lays his hands softly over certain parts of a patient’s body.


These points are predominantly found within bodies energy field lines or where issues occur.


Some treatments do not involve placing hands directly on the body but rather a few inches away from it instead.

What Is Remote Reiki?

Remote  Reiki  does not require recipients to be in the same location.

Through four levels of attunement, recipients learn from highly trained and experienced teachers to access and connect with universal energy.


Reiki practitioners learn to administer long-distance Reiki in the second level of attunement. Instead of directly transferring Reiki energy through touch, practitioners can use their thoughts and intentions to move energy into a recipient’s spiritual, emotional, mental, and even physical being.

Reiki can also be sent through time to situations that occurred in the past and events that will happen in the future. For people who struggle with acceptance of past trauma or worry excessively about future scenarios, a Reiki treatment can facilitate healing and help manifest future betterment.

Let’s say a client with an eating disorder, which they attribute to a controlling boss at a former job, contacts me from another country. By sending Reiki to that past relationship, the client can release the anxieties that stem from this lack of control.


By feeling more in control of their life, they can begin to incorporate healthier food habits.

Remote  Reiki can also be used during in-person sessions for clients who are not comfortable with being touched.

How Does a Remote Reiki Healing Session Work?

Remote Reiki works best when recipients are in relaxed environments.


Places of work, areas with distractions, and other spaces with stressors are discouraged. Depending on the situation, treatments usually take between  1  to 1 1/2 hr.


As a Reiki Teacher who has facilitated scores of remote treatments, I prefer first to call a client directly to ensure they’re in a comfortable, quiet location. This also creates an opportunity for us to discuss anything they wish to focus on for the treatment. Then I ask the client to rest and prepare to receive energy.

When I complete the process, I call the client back and ask them about their experience and feelings. They often describe a warm, relaxing sensation. Some will tell me they felt an emotional release. Others say they were so calm they drifted to sleep. Some clients have vivid visualizations that relate to their life circumstances.

After they’ve shared, I share my experience. I often see bright colors, feel warmth in my hands, and even intuitively know some homework I’ll encourage my clients to complete. Recently, a client complained of her ankles hurting and mentioned she recently moved. After the treatment, I asked her if she still had unpacked boxes in her house. She did. I encouraged her to unpack fully; this would support her root chakra, which, when unbalanced, can contribute to ankle, knee, and leg pain.


The Potential Benefits of Remote Reiki

At its most basic, a Reiki treatment is highly relaxing. Because all illness arises from some form of stress on the body, reducing stress through relaxation is a fundamental step in the healing process.6 From there, practitioners can balance life-force energy, also known as chi or prana, which can often get blocked or pool excessively in areas of the body.


According to the principles of Reiki, we are better able to progress in health and life when we allow energy to flow.

The list of potential benefits includes but is not limited to

  • reducing physical pain caused by several ailments, including dental surgery and chronic pain conditions

  • alleviating anxiety

  • managing depression

  • lowering heart rate and blood pressure

  • strengthening the immune system

  • Improve Fertillity

Remote Reiki also offers a productive alternative to hands-on healing. Although some people presume that remote Reiki treatments aren’t as effective as in-person sessions, long-distance energy healing can be better in certain situations.

If a client has experienced physical assault or is uncomfortable with touch for any reason, long-distance Reiki may be more appropriate.

Similarly, remote reiki healing  is undoubtedly their best bet if a client lives somewhere without any Reiki practitioners.

I have also found that being alone while undergoing a self-healing process can be extremely powerful. This type of treatment often minimizes people’s worries about social dynamics, which inhibit their ability to have an emotional or verbal release.

Not everyone is comfortable crying in the presence of someone else, even if that person is a healer.

In contrast, hands-on healing is excellent for those who are skeptical of Reiki.

Clients who are new to Reiki may also benefit from touch-based therapy, which in itself can be a powerful healing practice — especially for those who lack enough loving touch in their lives.

Being in the same room as a practitioner can make the experience feel more concrete, even though remote sessions can be just as or even more effective.

The Effectiveness of Remote  Reiki Healing

Through training, practitioners can reach back in time to address and heal traumatizing issues from the past or help with future success.


The session always offers us something positive, aligns us with our Higher Self, and fills us with love, well-being and shows us the way to the Light!



Reiki is a powerful healing technique that has helped thousands of people around the world.


After a, most people feel rejuvenated, complete, and full of energy. The feeling of well-being and completeness can bring optimism and joy to everyday situations. Many people have reported that Reiki cured minor or major illnesses and brought relief to various situations.


Is Reiki a religion?

No, it's not a religion

Those who practice reiki treatment are free to follow their own beliefs and religious practices and make decisions based on these things.

Reiki is  a holistic and alternative therapy that is practiced by people from various religions, philosophies, and ideologies.

Reiki is taught worldwide and focuses on the holistic and complete healing of an individual, rather than just treating the symptoms of a condition. can be combined with other traditional or alternative therapies to enhance their effectiveness and often reduces the side effects of conventional medicine.

Many doctors and therapists incorporate Reiki into their practice as an additional tool


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Ο Β΄Βαθμός απευθύνεται σε όσους έχουν μυηθεί στον Α΄ και θέλουν να βοηθήσουν και άλλα άτομα εκτός από τον εαυτό τους . Ο θεραπευτής που είναι μυημένος στον Β΄Βαθμό του Reiki εκτός του ότι θεραπεύει " πλήρως " τον εαυτό του ,με την σωστή χρήση των συμβόλων είναι σε θέση χωρίς αμοιβή χρηματική να : ανακουφίσει από πόνους αρθριτικών και άλλων χρόνιων παθήσεων . μειώσει αλλεργίες βοηθήσει στην γρήγορη ανάρρωση μετά από επέμβαση ή ασθένεια ανακουφίσει τα άσχημα συμπτώματα φαρμακευτικής αγωγής . να δώσει reiki σε οποιαδήποτε χρονική στιγμή θέλει ο θεραπευόμενος "θεραπεύσει " τις καταστάσεις που θεωρεί πως χρειάζονται θεραπεία ( επαγγελματική, οικονομική , συντροφική κ.α.) στο τωρινό χρονικό διάστημα ή σε οποιοδήποτε χρονικό διάστημα χρειάζεται . καθαρίσει ενεργειακά τον χώρο του . να καθαρίσει ενεργειακά κρυστάλλους, το νερό και το φαγητό αλλά και όποια αντικείμενα χρησιμοποιεί . να βοηθήσει τα φυτά και τον κήπο να ευδοκιμήσουν χωρίς χημικές παρεμβάσεις. βοηθήσει κατοικίδια στην οποιαδήποτε ασθένεια εμφανίσουν. Αρκετοί από τους μυημένους που εξασκούνται καθημερινά με την αγωγή στον εαυτό τους και σε άλλους , τόσο αγαπούν όλο και πιο πολύ αυτό που κάνουν και θέλουν να συνεχίσουν σε αυτό το πνευματικό μονοπάτι . Ο Γ΄Βαθμός απευθύνεται σε όσους θέλουν να: εξελίξουν την θεραπευτική τους ικανότητα και γνώση μάθουν τις Ιαπωνικές Τεχνικές του Παραδοσιακού Reiki θεραπεύουν καθημερινά και με ψυχραιμία άτομα και καταστάσεις βελτιώσουν κατά πολύ την διαίσθησή τους έτσι ώστε να είναι σε θέση να αντιμετωπίσουν την οποιαδήποτε κατάσταση συμβεί κατά την διάρκεια της πορείας τους
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