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Aura Reading

Διάβασμα Αύρας

There is nothing "paranormal" about the Universe, except our limited understanding of nature. What we think we "know" on Earth today is just a tiny drop in the ocean of knowledge.

What is the aura?

"As human beings, we emit a very low level of electricity otherwise known as an electromagnetic field."

"We're all broadcasting like radio stations without even knowing it."

Every atom, every part of an atom, every electron, every elementary "particle", even our thoughts and consciousness, are just vibrations.

Therefore, we can define the Aura as the electro-photonic set of vibrations of an object to some external stimulation.

Every living being, plants, animals, even crystals emit a vibratory frequency of light? Holistically this is called Aura or in scientific terms ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD.


The energy field of the human body (Aura) has a spiral shape like the total geomagnetic field of the Earth.

Its purpose is to protect your physical body and keep away negative vibrations that could potentially harm it.

Each layer correlates with a different element of your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health.

The subtle bodies can interact with each other to affect overall health.

But the most important property of the Aura is the fact that it contains important information about the subject.

The colors ,intensity and shape of the aura, especially around and above the head have very special significance. By seeing one's aura we can really see the thoughts of the other person before they even express them verbally.

A person's auric field shows their true nature and intentions.

By reading the auric field it is possible to diagnose malfunctions in the body (diseases) long before physical symptoms appear.





The Seven levels of the Aura

1. The Etheric Body

This is the body that is closest to the physical body. It extends 5 to 10 cm away from the physical body and can be seen as a faint grey/violet cloud.

2. The Emotional Body

This body is located outside the etheric body and extends 3 to 7 cm. This body holds all emotions such as joy, sadness, love and hate.

3. The Mental Body

This body is located just outside the emotional body and extends about 9 to 20 centimeters beyond the physical body. This body contains all mental thought processes such as rules, regulations, judgment and discipline.

4. The Astral Body

This body can extend up to 28 cm. It is the bridge between the lower vibrations of the physical plane and the higher vibrations of the spiritual plane.

5. The Etheric Standard

This body extends about 50 cm and looks very much like the negative of a photograph.

6. The Celestial Body

This body can extend up to 60 cm. This is where the spiritual connection and the process of enlightenment begins.

7. The Spiritual Body

This body can extend up to 100 cm and protects all other bodies.It vibrates at the highest frequency and often looks like a bright white or golden light.

The Auricular or Energy Human Field is our Spiritual signature !

It reveals the True nature of the individual and also their Intentions !
Everything you have experienced , that you are experiencing and that you will experience is recorded in your Energy Field .

I have found that the Aura is ultimately the reflection of the Soul !
But the Auric Field is not something constant , it changes , it changes colors and shapes depending on the people you interact with and the environment you are in .

Changing your Auric Field changes your life, changes your energy and everything you attract.


Everyone has an aura which has a specific vibration.

"Everyone's energy changes"

By changing the vibration the aura changes

But most people on Earth have a very weak and limp aura. This is a direct consequence of the materialistic attitude.

Moving away from the divine element ,fear, envy, jealousy and other inferior emotions weakens the auric field .

Empower your auric field for Health on all levels ,for Personal development ,to get answers to whatever is on your mind.


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