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Usui Reiki Master Course
3rd Degree Reiki Course
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The Three Degrees of Reiki

Usui Sensei divided the Reiki system into three different degrees or levels of learning.  Each degree is structured at the initial learning stage and then allows the student to develop within them thereafter.  Anyone can receive training in Reiki, regardless of their spiritual or religious beliefs.


Third Degree – Reiki Three/Master (Shinpiden)

The third degree of Reiki enables the student to become a Reiki Master, over a period of time.  This degree is often taught in two parts, the first is where the student becomes a Reiki master and the second is where the student learns how to teach Reiki, thereby becoming a Reiki Master Teacher.  During this level students are ‘attuned’ to the Master level, which is a very powerful and beautiful attunement. 


This again, raises the student’s energy vibration to an even higher level and enhances the Reiki skills previously taught.  Students are taught the Master symbols, which can then be used in the attunement process of others, if the student decides they would like to teach.  Meditation, as a practice, is positively taught at this level, along with further energy exercises. 


This level is very much about deepening the understanding of the Reiki energy, being more consciously mindful, developing intuition further and consciously working with intention.

To become a Reiki Master Teacher, observation of Reiki classes being taught is essential, together with a strong understanding of teaching and learning styles.

Becoming a Reiki Master is another step along the road of spiritual development.  The Reiki energy allows for continued personal growth and empowerment, which strengthens and enhances your life on a continual basis.  At this level, the energies continue to increase and learning becomes a much deeper experience.

As a Reiki Master Teacher, I feel very honored to be able to pass these teachings on to students, knowing they are learning a healing system that will enhance their own life in such positive ways.

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