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Become an Aura Healer

Aura Healing Online Course

Aura Healing Online Courses

Did you know that you actually have 7 layers to your aura?

Each of these layers is responsible for a specific part of your overall health and well-being.
The subtle bodies ,the Aura , process energy and distribute it throughout your body.

If one of the energy bodies is not functioning properly, it can lead to fatigue, stress and a host of other physical symptoms.

Aura healing aims to bring the body back into alignment for optimal functioning of the mind, spirit and body.

People have reported having special insights into life issues and events during a session, as well as having visions, feeling the energy move throughout their body and seeing things removed from them, and feeling a tremendous release and relief at the end of a session.

How can I be trained in the Energy System of Aura Healing?

Aura Healing is taught by Certified Masters.

It is a complete, comprehensive healing system that uses step-by-step techniques that allow anyone to learn this powerful healing technique which is taught in four levels.


Level 1
Introductory Level


In this introductory level, you will learn to channel healing energy and also begin to feel the human energy field.

You will use these new skills to give your first comprehensive energy healing sessions.

In this Online Course you will tune into the energy of the Healing Aura .
You will learn various techniques to help your healer regain the smooth flow of energy in their energy field.
In this wonderful, introductory level, you will learn how to sense the human energy field and give powerful healings so that you can help people balance emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

It is suitable for people of all ages both advanced practitioners and those new to energy healing with a desire to take their first steps into the world of energy healing.




In this introductory seminar you will learn the fundamental basics of Aura Healing:

1.To call and activate the energy of Aura Healing
2.Your role as an energy healer.
The seven energy bodies and their role in the human energy field.
3.How to conduct energy channeling and the balances of the energy bodies.
4.The realm of Pure Consciousness.
5.How to perform Energy Sweeps & Passing of Hands to receive intuitive information about your healer.
6.How to use your hands to identify energetic impurities and areas of weakness and correct them.
7.How to become a recipient of Intuitive information about your healer.
8.Aura Healing Meditation for self healing , spiritual progress and developing your intuitive awareness.
9.How to give and receive a complete Auricular Therapy







Intermediate Level

Leads to Aura Therapist Certification

1.You will learn how to begin to feel and see the colors and conditions of energy bodies.
2.You will begin to work with symbols and colors in order to be able to conduct more powerful healings for your clients, family and friends.
3.You will learn how to see the first layer of the aura and begin to take intuitive readings of your client's body and energy field.
4.You will receive level 2 attunement which will increase your ability to channel the energy of Auric Therapy .
5.You will be given symbols to use in your healing processes in order to use them at a deeper level of healing.
6.You will also be taught new techniques to use in your healing sessions, such as:

Using the symbols of Aura Healing you will be able to call upon the energy .
Using the symbols you can call upon the intuitive reading: Detecting simple energetic defects in the Aurora and energy bodies.
Visualizing the Aura
Sensitivity of hands
Detection and sealing of leaks and tears in the healer's aura
Unblocking the energy bodies
Cleansing the aura
Special techniques of unblocking the 1st energy body
Aura Charging for energy exhaustion

Correction of energy flow at the shoulder position.
Clearing the spine

In addition, you will learn how to begin using light in your healing sessions and how to end a healing session.

Prerequisite: successful completion and certification of Level 1 Aura Healing.

This class includes the Aura Healing workbook which must be successfully completed to receive certification.


Once Level 2 is successfully completed and all required studies are completed, you will be a CERTIFIED AURA  THERAPIST and can progress to the MASTER Level 3 level of Aura Healing .


The MASTER level once successfully completed will allow you to become a CERTIFIED MASTER TRAINER of Auricular Therapy.






Level 3
Master Level: Leads to the Master Therapist certification
By healing the body, mind and spirit at this level you can provide an improved quality of life for the practitioner and advance your spiritual growth.
This online course also offers new energy healing techniques for complementary therapy for over 100 common serious diseases and conditions*, including:
- Heart disease (all types)
- Cancer (all types)
- Lung diseases (e.g. COPD, Pneumonia, etc.).
- Kidney, Liver & Internal Organ Diseases (e.g. Diabetes, Kidney Failure, Hepatitis, etc.)
- Brain & Nervous System Diseases (Alzheimer's, epilepsy, seizures, etc.)
- HIV/AIDS - Arthritis
- Recovery from Surgery
- Psychological disorders (e.g. depression and other mood disorders, anxiety disorders, etc.) -
Supplemental instructions are provided to help you open your energy channel, aura color and ability to channel light.
You not only  become a professional healer, but also move forward on your spiritual path.

Discover and bring forth your own inner knowing, your healing power and step into the future of Aura Healing


Level 4
Master Teacher Level

Leads to Teacher Certification
All levels provide

1.Distance coaching by appointment
2.Manual with theory and exercises
3.Certificate after examination
Facilitations are provided to enable you to be able to manage energy and gain the ability to channel it.
Learning energy techniques is often a powerful spiritual path .
Discover and bring out your own inner knowing ,healing power .

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