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Usui Reiki 2nd Level In Person Course








Second Degree – Reiki Two (Okuden)


The second degree of Reiki is considered a Practitioner level in the West. 


A deepening of the Chakras (energy centres) is taught and students are shown how to feel the differences in energy.  This then enables them to scan a person’s body before treatment.  Reiki symbols are introduced and students are shown how to apply them, increasing their focus and intention whilst carrying out any treatments. 


Students are encouraged at this level to begin using and relying more on their intuition and intention to heal.  The Reiki energy knows what it is doing and where to go, so students are taught that it’s very simple to apply the energy, when left to work on an intuitive basis.  Distance healing is also taught at this level and students are encouraged to use this form of healing to both enhance their own lives and also to benefit the planet and all those that live within it.

As Reiki Two is considered a professional qualification in the West, students are also shown how to set up a Reiki practice.  


This includes teaching students how to take good case histories from clients, using excellent listening skills and empathy and then how to use and store this information.  Integrity and confidentiality are very important for any Reiki practitioner and this is also taught within this section.  Other areas covered are buying any equipment needed, insurance and advertising.  Students are also taught the importance of keeping themselves well energetically as well as physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The 2nd Reiki Degree is addressed to those who have been initiated in the 1st degree and wish to deepen their knowledge in alternative healing and help other people besides themselves but also to get to know better and more specialized the vital energy of Reiki


You will become a Level 2 Usui Reiki practitioner and can even expand to the community as a volunteer and or practitioner. The training consists of discussion on the two Reiki symbols that you will be attuned to, their mantras and applications, hands on techniques and chakra balancing or clearing techniques.

Course overview: Deepen your understanding of Reiki with this Practitioner Level Reiki 2 training.

You will be taught how to perform a Reiki treatment in order to treat clients as a professional Reiki practitioner.


You will also learn how to carry out distance healing and healing with symbols.

An authentic 2nd Degree Reiki Coordination which is done in person and individually by a professional and certified Reiki Master with a pedigree.

  Importance and training of the authentic Reiki Symbols.

  Use of the Reiki Symbols

  Distance Reiki Session

  Healing Habits

  Healing of situations ( Relationship, Professional, Financial, etc.)

  Energy Cleaning of the Space

  Japanese Techniques


  Integration of symbols into daily life.

Upon completion of the Seminar, the following are provided:

Reiki Level 2 Certificate

Certificate of Reiki Level 2 Certificate of Reiki Level 2


The Reiki Healer who is initiated in the 2nd Degree of Reiki besides healing "fully" himself with the correct use of the symbols is able to:

Relieve arthritic pains and other chronic conditions.

Reduce allergies.

Help in quick recovery after surgery or illness.

Relieve bad symptoms of medication .

Give reiki at any time .

"Heal" situations that he feels need healing ( professional, financial , relationship etc.) at the present time or at any time needed .

Cleanse energetically his space .
Help plants and the garden to thrive without chemical interference.

Help pets in any disease they develop.

To participate in the seminar one is required:

Certified Reiki Level 1 Training

Practical Training in Self-Healing for 21 days





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