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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a form of hypnosis that recalls memories

Past Life Regression dates back to the 4th century BC when Patanjali gave instructions on how one can remember past lives through meditation.
Karma, which means action, is an important part of reincarnation. The basis of karma is that every action has a reaction: cause and effect.
One's life conditions are determined by one's growth and progress achieved in a previous life.
Accordingly, an individual's actions in one life determine the conditions, situations, relationships, environment and opportunities of the next life.
Events that take place in one life often carry over into the next life.
Many mental health issues that people experience may have their origins in traumatic past life experiences.


Looking back on past lives can easily improve everyday issues such as obesity or overeating. A neurotic overeating habit may have been caused by deprivation in a past life.
In a similar way issues such as allergies, headaches (especially migraines), back problems, chronic pain, arthritis, hyperactivity and insomnia can also be identified in past life experiences.

Even depression, addictions, aggressive behavior, multiple personalities and schizophrenia can have their roots in a past life.

Thus, through the process of regression, the person goes back in time (regression). This regression could be to periods of infancy, but also to periods of gestational development, or to periods before incarnation in this life with the soul having been incorporated into another body, i.e. past lives.

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