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Usui Reiki First Level Course
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Discover the power of energy healing, experience the transformative benefits of Usui Reiki through the two-day Usui Reiki 1st Degree seminar.

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First Degree – Reiki One (Shoden)

The first degree of Reiki is a gentle, yet life changing introduction to the Reiki energy.   


Usui taught his students how to self heal at this first level and Reiki One is based very much as he intended.  Students receive four ‘attunements’ by a Reiki Master, which aligns the student with the Reiki energy and enables them to channel Reiki to themselves and family and friends. 


Within this first stage of learning, students are introduced to the Precepts and encouraged to live by them.  They are also shown some energy exercises which they are asked to carry out on a daily basis. 


The energy centres of the body, called Chakras, are introduced and their significance in the healing process is taught at this level.  The practice of mindfulness is also taught at this stage, as this component of the teaching is so important for the student’s continued development.  The first degree is taught over a two day period, by the end of which the student will be confidently treating themselves with Reiki and also able to treat family and friends. 


Reiki One is the beginning of many positive changes for each student as they begin to heal their own lives on many levels.  Those who may wish to develop further can do so by learning the next degree of Reiki, ideally leaving a minimum of three months between levels.

Usui Reiki is a wonderful alternative healing method that can be learned in just two days. The 1st Degree of Usui Reiki is suitable for everyone who wants to improve their lives through self-awareness fully heal themselves from stress, anxiety, and grief, and discover their true selves.

It can also help to release blocked negative energy and increase intuition, leading to a more joyful life.

What is level 1 self healing Reiki?

Level 1 Reiki focusses mainly on self-healing and your connection that you make with Reiki.


How the connection is between the both of you. In this course you will learn the basics of Reiki energy and how it is free flowing and goes write where it is needed




Usui Reiki 1st Degree includes four authentic attunements, individualized for each participant, as well as teachings and history of Usui Reiki.


Course Topics Include: History, Principles, and Elements of Reiki.


Energy Attunement. Hand Positions for Self-Treatments and Treatments of Others.


Participants will also learn Reiki meditation, self-healing techniques, Japanese Reiki exercises, and participate in a Reiki exchange.


Upon completion of the seminar, participants will receive a 1st Degree Usui Reiki certificate and a detailed manual.


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